“Mark is a man of astounding intellect. He is an artist in everything he does. I have long admired Mark's vision and his persistence in making his visions reality.”

Jacob Motola, Product Manager - Licensing at F5 Networks


“Mark is a brilliant entrepreneur with the energy of ten men. If you ever get the chance to work with Mark on one of his many projects, take it.”

Geoffrey Coco, Senior Software Engineer
Geoffrey worked indirectly for Mark at Lone Wolf Technologies


“Mark is a rare breed, an insightful, minimalist system engineer in software and electronics. He observes better, asks better questions, identifies the problem faster, and evolves a better solution, than anyone else I know. He attacks a problem calmly and patiently with a creative and nimble intelligence high on comprehension and focus. Highly recommended.”
Michael Brian Bentley, Lead Software Developer
Michael worked indirectly for Mark at Lone Wolf Technologies and Singlestep Technologies


“Mark is an exceptionally gifted visionary for the computing world, the most so that I have ever known; he is consistently innovative, and we were able to form a creative and productive partnership that has worked for 21 years so far. Mark single-handedly grew Lone Wolf from 5 to 50 people through his vision, attracting technically excellent staff and significant funding in the process.”


“My respect and regard for Mark is so great that I rejoined him when we had the opportunity to re-create Lone Wolf in 2001. Once again, his unparalleled vision was responsible for all the usability features of VNOS. He is brilliant, and undoubtedly more than capable of achieving whatever he sets his mind to.”
David Warman, Co-founder/Chief Scientist, Lone Wolf Technologies

Chief Scientist, Nintendo


“Mark truly is a visionary and inspiration to all who are trying to get the audio industry to standardize on their communications protocols. He was one of the first to put forward an advanced system of doing this and worked hard during the years of the SC-10 committee, for which he will not go unrewarded. Truly a great guy, dynamic, friendly, and always generous with his time and energy.

Mark is to be highly recommended for any project he decides to tackle!”

Charlie Richmond, Owner, Richmond Sound Design Ltd.



IBM Autonomic Partner of the Year award GM Award for Excellence
Dept. of Transportation Award
American Patent Lawyers Assoc, Award American Patent Association Award American Astronautical Society Award FASST Award

L5 Society Award
Army Award
NASA Award - Attended Apollo blast-off with US president in his private bunker

Major winner International Science Fair

Companies that cited or referenced my various patents in theirs


Apple, Microsoft, Sony, LG, AT&T, Bell Labs, Hwelett Packard, Sun, IBM, Samsung, Hitachi, Intel, Sanyo, Yamaha, Delco, Burroughs, Broadcom, Siemens, Codenoll, Bolt, Beranek and Newman BBN, Alcatel, Fluke, Motorola, Phillips, Unisys, Icom, Eaton, Kyocera, Matsushita, Allen Bradley, Harman Int’l, Lattice, Computer Sports Medicine.



Business - Startup, Strategy, Development, Team Management, Negotiations, Marketing, Licensing, Software and Electrical Engineering, Prototyping, Custom Fabrication


Solution Platforms – Raspberry Pi, Web, Mobile, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Unix, AWS Software – Swift, Objective-C, Python, Go, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Perl, C, C++, Assembly, Shell, SQL, NoSQL, Embedded Microcode, Firmware, HTML, CSS, Forth, Fortran and other languages as needed


Hardware - Analog Hardware Design, Digital Hardware Design, Software and Hardware Based Testing, Embedded Systems, Engineering Technician, IoT, Arm/Cortex, Bluetooth, Raspberry Pi, Arduino


IT/Server - Unix/Linux Server Setup and Management, Automotive Grade Linux, Open Source Integration, Command Line Jockey, Scripting, CGI, Apache, NGINX, MySQL, Mongo, AWS, Lambda, SQS, DynamoDB, EC2, Route 53, Microservices, S3, etc. . .

Communications - POTS, Local Area Networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, IoT, etc. . .

Automation - Process Control, Industrial Automation, Home Control, Energy Management, Large Venue Sound System Control


Consulting/Prototyping – Systems Architecture, Software Architecture and Development, Mobile Technology, R&D, Electronics and Hardware Architecture and Development, Lifestyle Integration, Business, Sound System Design, Setup, and Tuning, Product Planning, Product Marketing, Product Management, 3D Design, 3D Printing



Presented to a Computer Science class at Stanford University in regard to using his VNOS technology to create the X-Internet.


Shine: A film about entrepreneurs
Mark is featured throughout with the film, which ends with his statement about life and happiness.
Shine -


Featured in over 100 magazines over the years, including articles in: Men’s Journal, Men’s Vogue, GEO (German National Geographic), Home Theatre Technology, Mix Magazine, Audio/Video Interiors, Keyboard, German Keyboards, Strumenti Musicali. . .


Author - Dr Dobbs Journal – Cover Story “VNOS: The Visual Network Operating System” Dec. 2001 -



Founder, Chairman, CEO and CTO of his two 50 person companies, Engineering Director, R&D Director, Software Systems Architect, Hardware Systems Architect, R&D Engineer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Network Protocol Engineer, Audio Engineer, Consultant, Composer/Professional Musician, Filmmaker, Artist


Patents (incomplete list, 5 more pending)

A system and method for instantiating an operating system within the context of a content management and delivery system.


A communication network between various data processing devices is formed as a pair of fiber optic segments


Method and apparatus for allowing an electronic device to communicate with one or more other electronic devices


A method and apparatus for controlling non-computer system devices by a graphical interface – One of, if not the first IoT patent, most smart tv patents refer to mine


Method and apparatus for network clock synchronization



Isochronous Network Protocol


Interface including method and apparatus for remotely loading code into hardware devices


A method and apparatus for controlling non-computer system devices by a graphical interface


Method and apparatus for controlling non-computer system devices by a graphical interface


Method and apparatus for controlling non-computer system devices by a graphical interface


Five more patents pending. . .


Professional Memberships
Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop – Invite only, limited to 150 people worldwide Think Conference – Invite only – limited to 250 people worldwide
Audio Engineering Society
ARRL – Ham Extra License – K7MLX


Speaking Engagements

Audio Engineering Society

Stanford University
Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop

Think (Hackers) Conference

Cyberarts International

Lighting Dimensions International

Eris Society

and others. . .