Electronic Architecture and Design   -   Software Architecture and Design  -   UI/UX  -   Art/Music

UI/UX Consultant for Pensando



Brought in to examine Pensando's existing Network Management Software, and then design from the ground up a new paradigm of abstraction and simplicity to allow Pendando to effectively compete with other competing vendors, such as Cisco, F5 and such.



Architect, Principal Developer - iOS

Clevare Healthcare


Director of Technology, System Architect, Principal iOS Developer – Architected and developed Clevare FHIR based iOS healthcare app and backend, used globally by medical firms for scheduling, messaging, document uploading and appointment scheduling. Adapted project for white labeling the Clevare app for licensing by healthcare providers worldwide.



Senior Developer, System Architect - iOS

AIM Consulting

System Architect – Architected and developed TRA/Medinformatix FHIR based iOS healthcare app, used regionally by medical patients for scheduling, messaging, document uploading and appointments.



Product and Platform Design - Systems, Software, & Electrical Engineering 

Puget Sound Works


Software and electronic prototype consulting, design, and implementation

IoT and smart device product design and implementation

iOS Architecture and Development

Software platform architecture, and implementation

3D printing and fabrication

Electronics repair and refurbishment

Lab testing

Boutique tube amplifier design and fabrication – High end Hi-Fi & Guitar amps



Founder, CEO, CTO, Systems Architect, Principal Developer, iOS Developer

MediaFolio Technologies / Singlestep

System Architect – Envisioned and developed Mediafolio platform, used by cruise line companies worldwide for onboarding and training employees and sales team communications - online and offline. Other apps include: Singlestep App, Academy App, Seattle Alerts App, Pathfinder App, Leap App, and Space Pig App (game).

MediaFolio iOS App – 125k+ lines of code, content delivery/presentation

Singlestep App – Metadata defined, Dynamic UI, Fast, Small footprint

DataprismKit – Embeddable iOS binary framework - Metadata driven, Late Binding, Object Oriented, Dataflow, Operating Environment



Founder, Systems Architect, Principal Developer, CTO

Dataprism, LLC


Developed a patent pending web based user interface and back-end computer system technology for delivering and licensing solutions into multiple vertical markets.  DataPrism’s solution provides the powerful in-browser operating system, microservices, UI framework, User Interfaces and dashboards, IoT. DataPrism’s Rich Internet Application front end works in concert with a coordinated multi-process back-end operating environment.  Customers include Apple Computer (specifically Steve Jobs) and Sandia National Labs (Dept. of Energy), Dept. of Justice, Holland America Cruise Lines.


Sandia National Labs commissioned Mark to create an object-oriented, late-binding, dataflow, and mobile / downloadable operating system using JavaScript.  DataPrism, mark’s JavaScript equivalent to Apple’s Cocoa is used by the DOD to manage and interconnect top-secret government conference rooms across the US.  Sandia also licensed Mark’s operating environment as the main OS of a series of patented security boxes used in extremely top-secret rooms across the US.  In recent years, Mark has implemented DataPrism in iOS and Android, creating runtime environments that allow JSON defined applications that written once, will run anywhere.



Consultant, Entrepreneur, Mobile Developer


Developed custom iPhone applications and embedded systems for Panasonic/Apple.  Created an in-flight and ground based system for delivering real-time videos, music, and information to travelers via their iPhone.


Developed one of the first apps for the new iPhone.  A home monitoring, energy management and lifestyle information system for mobile use on the iPhone.



Founder, CTO, Systems Architect, Software Engineer

Singlestep Technologies, Inc


Grew firm to 50 employees.  Adapted VNOS (Visual Network Operating System) technology to develop enterprise solutions for fortune 500 companies IT infrastructure management.  Customers included IBM, Mercury Interactive, Alaska Airlines and many others. Mark’s platform led to Singlestep earning “IBM’s Autonomic Partner of the Year” award.


Developed a wireless Palm based application for monitoring and managing these applications.


Managed R&D efforts for Singlestep and developed/integrated new intellectual property, and a number of open-source projects into the Singlestep’s technology.



Founder, CEO, Systems Architect, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer

Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc


Transformed and pursued the Internet and IT markets.


Presented a Computer Science class at Stanford University in regard to using VNOS (Visual Network Operating System) to create the X-Internet

Created a room/media control system for Apple Computer’s 350 seat Town Hall Theatre and Keynote venue for use by Steve Jobs.  Steve highly valued Marks creations and was a customer for over a decade.


Created media control systems for Apple Computer’s regional sales centers, and a management system for the original iTunes NOC (network operations center).



Founder, CEO, Systems Architect, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer

Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc


Developed the MicroLAN and VNOS (Visual Network Operating System) systems for stadium and large venue sound system control. Mark licensed his custom chip for inclusion in pro audio gear from nearly 80 different manufacturers such as, JBL, Altec Lansing, Yamaha, Panasonic, Carver, Bose, EAW, Community, Rane, QSC, Klark Teknik, UREI, Midas and others.


With the inclusion of the MediaLink chip in many of the Pro Audio industries’ products, Lone Wolf based systems were installed worldwide to control the sound systems of major venues, including Vancouver’s GM Place, The Houston Astrodome, Grand Ole Opry, Nebraska Cornhusker Stadium, Mormon Tabernacle and Portland’s Rose Garden.


Received $5 million investment from Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft, after a demo of the VNOS system over lunch. Paul ultimately invested over $33 million. 


Over its lifetime VNOS has garnered nearly $43 million of private angel investment.


In addition, Novell offered to buy Mark’s VNOS technology and patents for $77 million.



Founder, CEO, Systems Architect, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer

Lone Wolf Technologies, Inc


Developed a high-speed fiber optic network system for music, MediaLink.  Lone Wolf’s clients include studios, and tours by U2, Herbie Hancock, INXS, Grateful Dead, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jean Michele Jarre, Jimmy Buffet, Brooks and Dunn, Simple Minds, Tina Turner and many other notable recording artists. Filed patent on Isochronous Multimedia LAN Protocol – MediaLink



Founder, CEO, Systems Architect, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer

FFT, Inc


Designed and developed under contract, the world’s fastest microcomputer at the time.

80 times faster than the VAX 11/780 and 300 times faster than the IBM AT.  Mark’s computer is a featured exhibit at the Computer History Museum, Cambridge, England. This achievement garnered Mark an induction into the Think Conference, an “invitation only” organization that includes many of the founders of the Personal Computer revolution.  Marks’s achievements also gained an invitation to the Asilomar Micro-Computer Workshop, another such professional organization.  The CPU Mark co-developed was recently used to land a space probe on a comet.


Developed and marketed a high-speed, fiber optic Local Area Network with a full custom chip (MIL STD 1553/pre-Ethernet) and communications applications for PC based computers.  Mark’s LAN products became the standard for use by the US Marine Corps and Air Force for field deployment around the world.


Designed and produced the first computer aided test (CAT) system using the new Apple II computer. Under contract from the Navy, Mark developed and installed a 64-point Nuclear Reactor Temperature Monitoring System for the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. 


Northwest Testing Labs hired me to crash a train. Seriously, I got to crash a train.

An immovable gondola car filled with scrap iron was welded to the track and rammed by a moving box car that we instrumented with a huge amount of strain gauges. I had to ride beside the crashing train in the bed of a pickup truck loaded with computers, to capture all the data of the cars colliding through a very fat umbilical cord connected to the crashing boxcar. The train wreck was about 15 ft. from me, and it made a crazy loud noise and shook the ground. It was a cool project and the data we collected helped the rail car manufacturer improve the designs of their train cars. This was in 1985, and the computers were luggable IBM PC clones with data acquisition cards, and 10MB hard drives. The high amount of data filled the drives in seconds. I had to trigger the collection perfectly, no second chances. Still have the hardhat with Northwest Testing Laboratories' logo.



Senior Engineer - Electrical Engineer, Systems ArchitectSoftware Engineer

Northrop Corporation


Hired away from CTS to become the youngest ever Senior R&D Engineer at Northrop Aerospace.  Developed microcomputer-based flight and maintenance training simulators.  Designed and developed F20 Training Flight Simulator, flown by notables: Chuck Yaeger and King Hussain of Jordan.



Electrical Engineer

CTS Microelectronic


Process Engineer responsible for 23 different product lines of high reliability hybrid modules.  These included heart pacemakers, space shuttle parts, medical devices, and music/audio products.