Electronics Design

Mark has been designing electronics products for over 50 years.  Mark's first major project won over 15 industry awards.  Following that Mark helped create the first computerized heart pacemaker. Then on to Northrop Aircraft to help create the F-20 Tigershark cockpit simulator. Mark conceived, designed and created multiple products for local area networks, including for the Music Industry.

Software Architecture and Design

Starting in the trenches of hand coded assembly, Mark's first software product was a brake-test computer for Dexter Axle using a Motorola 6800 processor. Mark has been continuously developing software from before the advent of microprocessors, to the powerful mobile devices of today.

UI/UX, Art, Music

Mark's UI/UX designs were adopted by an entire industy when all the major pro-audio manufacturers adopted his MediaLink network. His award winning VNOS (Visual Network Operating System) was used in most large music tours in the 90s.  Herbie Hancock, U2, INXS, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Brooks and Dunn, Eagles, Tina Turner, Elton John, Jean Michele Jarre.