Mark has a long and varied career as an entrepreneur, electrical engineer, and software developer.


As an entrepreneur Mark raised over $50 Million dollars for his hardware and software companies.


Novell offered $77 million to purchase Mark's VNOS (Visual Network Operating System).


As a hardware and software architect and engineer, Mark developed award winning systems for

Apple Computer, Sandia National Laboratories, IBM, Alaska Airlines, Holland America Cruise LInes, CTS-Microelectronics, Northrop Aircraft, The US Marine Corps, Air Force, and US Government, QSC, JBL, Bose, Yamaha, Panasonic, the Music Industry, and scores of other major entities and projects.





UI/UX Consultant for Pensando/AMD


Was brought in to imagine a complete overhaul of their entire user interface and supporting architecture for their Network Management Software.  Pensando was recently acquired by AMD for $2 billion.  

Senior iOS Developer


Mark created iOS apps for multiple cruise lines, including Holland America, Princess, Seabourne, P&O, Carnival and many others.  As well, Mark developed iOS apps for major medical companies.

Top-Secret Conference Room Management/Communications Architect


Mark was retained by Sandia National Labs to create from scratch, a visual network management system for Sandia National Labs to manage ultra-high security rooms for the Department of Defense and other top-secret facilites across the US.

My Services

Electronics Architecture - Design - Fabrication      Software Architecture and Development      3D Modeling and Printing      Business Consulting

Digital and analog electronic design, development and fabrication, 3D modeling and printing. Custom tube amplifiers for guitar and hi-fi. Audio product design and development. Vacuum tube characterization and matching.

Software architecture, design and develpment. iOS, Swift, Objective C, Python, C, assembly.  From firmware for IOT to user interfaces. Mark has developed everything from flight simulators for Northrop Aircraft, to Nuclear Reactor Monitoring Systems for the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

User Interface design and artistic services. Mark has developed award winning user interfaces for fortune 100 companies, the US Government, and the music industry. Mark is also an accomplished composer, and musician... playing guitar, keyboards and drums.